Spring hangers and spring supports are used to balance slight vertical displacements in the pipe system. These components work on the basis of pre-set helical coil springs which exert a variable supporting load over the range of movement in accordance with their specified spring characteristics. Load variations resulting from this are limited through the stress analysis calculations, depending on the sensitivity of the piping.

Scope of performance


0.04 kN to 100 kN / 29.23 lbf to 112,404.47 lbf

Travel range

Up to 400 mm / 7.87 in

LISEGA Benefits

Users of our spring hangers and spring supports benefit from many special features:

360 Degree view
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    • No welding (types 20, 21, 27).

    • Fully galvanised surfaces.

    • The cold or blocking position is marked on the travel scale (white arrow).

    • Fully adjustable blocking system.

    • On the spring hangers, the pre-set values are noted on the riveted name plate.

    • Special pre-relaxed springs with a CDP (cataphoretic dip painting) finish prevent any significant loss in load capacity.

    • Integrated connecting elements.

    • Variable connection possibilities within the load group selected and the possibility of later adjustment for load setting.

    • The theoretical hot position (operating position) is marked on the travel scale (red arrow).

Product Preview
  • Five travel ranges from 0 to 400 mm / 0 to 15.75 in, load group C to load group 9.
  • Torque-free load application by covering the load and symmetry axis.
  • Favourable power-weight ratios for reduced installation loads.
  • Modular system simplifies selection (load groups and travel ranges).
  • Readily adaptable to the installation situation due to suitable designs and standardised accessories.
  • Secure connection of load chains due to load- and connection-compatible modular components.

Pipe Supports and services

A complete product portfolio of more than 16,000 standardised components covers all support situations, operational loads, temperatures and travel ranges normally experienced in piping systems in industrial plant construction. LISEGA’s modular system provides the corresponding basis. All components have a connection compatible with their load groups.


  • Product group 1Constant hangers and constant supports

  • Product group 2Spring hangers and spring supports

  • Product group 3Dynamic components

  • Product group 4Pipe clamps, clamp bases, pipe connections

  • Product group 5Roller bearings, pipe saddles and cryogenic pipe supports

  • Product group 6Connection components

  • Product group 7Structural attachments, slide plates

  • Product group 8LICAD

  • Services