Superior product quality is part of LISEGA’s defined company objectives. Each LISEGA employee shares this responsibility.

    International approvals and certifications

    All activities that are decisive for product quality are subject to special procedures at LISEGA. They are based on the relevant international norms and regulations and together form the quality assurance program. Our independent quality management ensures strict compliance with these guidelines. The procedures are integral components of the corporate processes. This is demonstrated by our numerous international approvals and certifications.

    LISEGA certificates

    Diligent inspection of incoming goods

    All the materials we use are checked by our incoming goods inspection for compliance with the technical specifications. According to customers’ requirements, we keep a record of the materials used in accordance with ASME and EN 10204.

    Quality checks during manufacturing

    At LISEGA we perform quality controls during manufacturing on an ongoing basis. These include dimensional checks and non-destructive testing, among other things. In the area of nuclear applications we meet the international quality requirements, in particular those according to the regulations ASME III NF / NCA 4000 (US), RCCM-Section H (FR), KTA (DE), DIN EN 13480-5 and NNSA (CN).

    Set-up and function test

    Following final assembly, all constant hangers, spring hangers, shock absorbers and dampers undergo function tests on specialised test benches. All testing facilities are checked and calibrated on a regular basis by qualified personnel according to EN ISO 7500-1.

    Comprehensive customer documentation

    On request we deliver a comprehensive documentation package with our products. Especially in large projects, documentation requirements can be complex. We therefore use IT systems that support us in the preparation of such documentation.