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Pipe clamps, clamp bases, pipe connections

Pipe clamps, pipe bearings, pipe weld-on lugs and U-bolts all fall into the category of pipe connections. LISEGA provides the optimal design for every application.

Pipe Supports and services

A complete product portfolio of more than 16,000 standardised components covers all support situations, operational loads, temperatures and travel ranges normally experienced in piping systems in industrial plant construction. LISEGA’s modular system provides the corresponding basis. All components have a connection compatible with their load groups.


  • Product group 1Constant hangers and constant supports

  • Product group 2Spring hangers and spring supports

  • Product group 3Dynamic components

  • Product group 4Pipe clamps, clamp bases, pipe connections

  • Product group 5Roller bearings, pipe saddles and cryogenic pipe supports

  • Product group 6Connection components

  • Product group 7Structural attachments, slide plates

  • Product group 8LICAD

  • Services