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Constant hangers and constant supports

Constant hangers and constant supports have a special design that allows for transforming the spring force into a constant force through a large vertical displacement range

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Constant hangers are used for piping and related components where higher levels of vertical travel occur. Their job is to transfer the working load over the whole travel area while keeping it constant, i.e. without any considerable deviations. The functional precision of the constant hangers is decisive for favourable long term behaviour of the components involved.

Mode of operation

The mode of operation is based on the arrangement of three springs according to the parallelogram of forces. The design is distinguished by a high degree of functional precision along with wide load adjustment ranges.

Scope of performance


0.13 kN to 500 kN / 29.23 lbf to 112,404.47 lbf

Travel range

up to 900 mm / 35.43 in

LISEGA Benefits

Our constant hangers and constant supports offer the user a large number of special benefits:

360 Degree view
  • front view
  • rear view
    • Principle-based constancy by way of a special mode of operation.

    • Pre-relaxed springs eliminate any significant loss of load-bearing capacity.

    • Reduced friction due to minimised number of bearing points.

    • Name plate contains complete technical specifications.

    • Directly readable travel scale with marking for hot/cold load positions.

    • Load scale with permanent marking of adjustment load.

    • Turnbuckle function allows re-adjustment of pipe installation position.

    • Torque-free load application due to a single suspension point.

    • Blocking is adjustable to practically any travel position through fine-tooth notching.

    • Exceptionally wide load adjustment range helps to avoid hanger replacement when operational loads change.

Product Preview
  • Symmetrical design ensures direct flow of forces through axis of symmetry.
  • Favourable power-weight ratios for reduced installation loads.
  • Arranged by load groups and travel ranges to simplify selection (modular system).
  • Consistent functional behaviour due to high-quality corrosion protection and maintenance-free, chemically nickel-plated finishes.
  • Readily adaptable to the installation situation due to suitable designs and standardised accessories.
  • Double load-tube guiding of constant supports for transmission of side loads.
  • Secure connection of load chains due to load- and connection-compatible modular components.


    • Weld-on eye plate type 75

    • Threaded clevis type 61

    • Stud bolt type 67

    • Weld-on clevis type 73

    • Eye nut type 60

    • Stud bolt type 67

    • Supported by brackets type 71

    • Supported by on-site steel construction


Pipe supports and services

A complete product portfolio with tens of thousands of components covers all support situations, operational loads, temperatures and travel ranges normally experienced in piping systems in industrial plant construction. LISEGA’s modular system provides the corresponding basis. All components have a connection compatible with their load groups.


  • Product group 1Constant hangers and constant supports

  • Product group 2Spring hangers and spring supports

  • Product group 3Dynamic components

  • Product group 4Pipe clamps, clamp bases, pipe connections

  • Product group 5Roller bearings, pipe saddles and cryogenic pipe supports

  • Product group 6Connection components

  • Product group 7Structural attachments, slide plates

  • Product group 8LICAD

  • Services