Field Service

The operational safety of pipe systems and hence the readiness and long life of a plant depends to a large extent on the condition and functional capacity of the supports used.
To avoid costly damage and breakdowns, regular inspections of the thermal pipe displacement and the condition of the supports – particularly in older plants – is urgently recommended.

Additional stress due to low quality pipe supports can cause lasting damage during operation and increases the risk of plant malfunctions and breakdowns.

Defects frequently occurring in pipe supports are:

  • Poor support designs
  • Faulty installation
  • Incorrect load settings
  • Unsuitable layout
  • Deficient quality of support components

For our on-site services we offer our customers a team of qualified and experienced specialists at all LISEGA locations.

LISEGA Services

We offer our customers:

  • Inspection of pipe supports
  • Inspection of pipe system displacements
  • On-site design of supports
  • Construction supervision, installation and commissioning
  • Testing, maintenance and inspection of all types of snubbers