Expansion of testing facilities

20. April 2015

As recently as two years ago, LISEGA SE overhauled a test frame and equipped it with a completely new hydraulic device and new software, so producing a modern 2,500 kN / 562,022 lbf test bench. This testing capacity is however not sufficient for a current order, where a 5,000 kN / 1,124,044 lbf test bench supplied by LISEGA is to be overhauled at the customer’s premises. For this reason an even larger test bench for a static load of up to 10,000 kN / 2,248,089 lbf (10 MN) is being developed in Zeven.

The design team, led by Matthias Klee, will thereby coordinate all the required functional units – test frame, hydraulic unit, cylinder, load cell, control panel – so that the demands to be fulfilled for the customer order are fully met. Moreover, the test bench will in future extend the capacity of the LISEGA testing facilities and so further reduce our dependence on external laboratories to test large shock absorbers.