Mürmann – m.connect and one of the world’s oldest railway bridges

11. February 2019

At 160 years, the King Ludwig Bridge in Kempten, Germany, is one of the world’s oldest railway bridges. In 2012 the bridge was given the award “Historical landmark of engineering skill” in Germany. Due to the damage caused over time the bridge could no longer be used as a pedestrian and cyclist bridge over the River Iller. The bridge design is one of lattice girders with double-web bracing and prestressed tension rods. The larch wood beams have a total span width of 123 m. The intensive inspections and renovations were carried out in a field workshop. For the static strengthening of the St. Andrew’s crosses at the upper and lower webbing levels, m.connect tension rod systems of varying dimensions were implemented. The historical renovation of the King Ludwig Bridge is to be completed at the beginning of 2019.