Mürmann – Insights into distant galaxies with m.connect

21. August 2017

With the gamma telescope CTA (Cherenkov Telecope Array) a new observatory is to be constructed for the observation of cosmic events such as, for example, supernova explosions, in a sensitivity hitherto unachieved. An international consortium of 1,000 scientists, engineers and astrophysicists worldwide are taking part in the project, started in 2010, promoting terrestrial gamma ray astronomy. In this consortium the DESY company is the largest group and is responsible for the design and construction of the telescopes, which have a mirror diameter of 12 meters. A grid formed of a number of telescopes is planned to cover the northern and southern hemispheres so as to observe the whole sky. During the prototype phase DESY recently constructed a prototype telescope of the new generation in Berlin Adlershof, Germany. m.connect compression rod systems were used for the supporting structure of the telescope mirror. At present, comprehensive measurements of the whole telescope structure, as well as simulation studies, are being carried out. On completion of all examinations further telescopes are to be constructed in 2018/ 2019 – up to 60 units in the medium term.