m.connect tension rod systems in Oberhof High Wire Parcours

12. November 2019

A new leisure attraction is currently being erected in Oberhof, Germany, namely the outdoor inn golf climbing park. The first visitors can soon go on a discovery tour. Climbing has in the last few years become a popular sport and leisure activity. Individual physical and mental challenges lay a major role. In this parcours, up to 90 exercises of varying difficulty can be undertaken on four levels. Qualified personnel are on hand to help master the more demanding climbing elements. Climbing equipment is provided to ensure personal safety. The design of the parcours is based on a space-saving hexagonal arrangement. The main supporting elements are steel masts with hexagonal platforms on various levels. These offer interconnections in six directions. Triangular modules enable almost any structure required. Connections between the steel masts are made via pressure pipes and tension rod systems. For the spatial arrangement of the tension rods, m.connect systems were implemented.