LISEGA SE – Service success for LISEGA Malaysia in Vietnam

20. August 2020

In preparation for the planned shutdown in August 2020 of the Binh Son refinery (BSR), the plant operator Petro Vietnam arranged a 3-day pipe support workshop with the LISEGA service team from Malaysia. More than twenty plant operators were shown in this training how LISEGA pipe supports function and also how they are installed and maintained. For BSR this training was an important milestone with regard to improvement in long-term plant availability and the operational safety of critical pipe support systems. In addition, within the training framework an order for the replacement of 59 constant hangers on the CCR (Continuous Catalytic Reformer) was brought to a successful conclusion. This order, with a total weight of about 15 tonnes, is to be installed and commissioned in 2020 with the aid of the LISEGA service team. A corresponding service contract for the provision of two LISEGA specialists over a service period of six weeks is soon to be signed.