LISEGA SE – New constant hanger for 100-160 kN

29. May 2018

Constant hangers in Load Group 10, consisting of two coupled constant hangers from LG 8, have been subject to great pricing pressure over the last few years, especially in the lower load range (up to 130 kN). This load range is covered by our competitors via a number of different constant hanger types. The coupled constant hanger from LG 10 had considerable load reserves and was thus correspondingly more costly. To offer a competitive constant hanger for the load range up to 130 kN, a new coupled constant hanger has been developed in which two constant hangers from LG 7 are coupled. In addition, a load range extension of LG 9 constant hangers is still possible. The development project was successfully completed when “Gate 5” was passed in April. With the clear project structure specified by the Stage Gate development process and the smooth collaboration between project management, development, production and sales, the technical solution could be so developed that on the one hand it satisfied the tough cost reduction specifications demanded by Sales and on the other, provided new functionality to the greatest possible extent in the context of the standard catalog.