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Structural Steel Attachments and Trapezes

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weld on clevis

Connection of the load chains with the building structure can be achieved, according to requirements, in a number of standard ways. In the case of welded connections, it is important that they be carried out onsite, at little expense and by simple means.


Special features of LISEGA attachments:

  • the beam clamp and the beam adapter allow for simple weld-free connection
  • the weld-on clevis is particularly designed for a large area
    of load distribution, e.g. for use on hollow sections
  • the indicated minimum weld sizes are designed for
    a maximum load of 50% of the permissible stress
  • use of the perforated plate allows for easy adjustment of rod length
  • surface protection either by zinc rich primer or galvanizing
  • verification by independent authorities

beam adapter type 76

Beam adapter, type 76

For alterations or extensions to pipe systems or structural steel in existing plants, clamp connections are often preferred to welding for the necessary attachment to the existing structure of pipe supports or additional steel. The use of this method is obligatory when welding is ruled out for safety reasons.


The long-lasting security of this type of connection depends essentially on the condition of the contact surfaces and the preset forces applied. For a reliable connection, the specific design of the clamp elements used is decisive.