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LISEGA Modular System

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In order to cover the whole spectrum of client needs, LISEGA offers a comprehensive performance package which encompasses the whole field of pipe support technology:

  • engineering
  • standard products
  • special products
  • design developement tools
  • other services

The basis of the performance package is provided by the LISEGA modular system, in which over 10,000 standardized components are arranged systematically.


In this way, the optimum solution for all common applications encountered in pipe support technology is possible at all times. A generously measured range of operating loads and temperatures is covered:


  • 1200 °F working temperature on pipe clamps and clamp bases
  • 90 kips nominal load on all predominantly static components
  • 224 kips nominal load on all shock absorbers for piping
  • 1124 kips design load for shock absorbers for large components
  • 36 inch travel range on constant hangers
  • 16 inch travel range on variable spring hangers

The pipe support components are made to provide optimum suitability for the special applications involved and to fulfill a variety of roles, and have been developed with this in mind. For every function in pipe supports, the LISEGA modular system requires only one design type to provide the optimum solution. This characteristic in particular, and the sophisticated level of development, ensure safe and simple application.


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Safety & efficiency

The LISEGA modular system is especially designed for high effiency during application. The standardization of components forms the basis and the perequisite for efficient serial production of reliable quality with systematic storage and availability at short notice.

Significant rationalization effects in the fields of planning and assembly can be achieved by the fully computer-assisted LICAD application program.



type description

Type description

The clear identification of all components by means of an informative 6-digit type number is an important characteristic of the modular system. This is a significant requirement for efficient data processing, both in the technical area and in logistics.