LISEGA SE – Fire prevention today

27. August 2020

Since June 2020 LISEGA now has 63 new fire prevention officers in Zeven. This personnel reinforcement of the 28 officers previously on hand is the result of a reassessment of the current fire hazard. This, together with shift schedules, vacation absences, illness, the increase in floor space and the presence of our own and non-LISEGA personnel on site all had to be taken into account. From all company departments volunteers have come forward, ready to take action in the event of fire and to ensure that all those in the endangered area leave immediately so that initial measures can be taken to combat any fires. In order to comply with legal regulations it was necessary for all fire prevention officers to go through a 90-minute theoretical course related to their tasks and legal powers. After this they undertook a practical fire-extinguishing exercise on the VICODA premises. All fire officers were given a west to clearly identify them in case of fire. Because of the current Corona virus pandemic, to protect the participants, the training was not undertaken by an external expert as in the past, but by the LISEGA fire-prevention specialist Stefan Meier with small groups. In this way training tailor-made for LISEGA could be undertaken, while at the same time taking into account the workload of individual departments.