Calenberg – Cisilent® Type E for the gasometer project in Oberhausen, Germany

10. September 2020

The gasometer was completed in 1929 and served with some interruptions until 1988 as Europe’s largest piston gasometer (A disc in the gasholder can move vertically within it like a piston). With a diameter of 67.6 m and a height of 117.5 m, the construction is an impressive example of European industrial monuments. In 1993 it was turned into Europe’s highest exhibition center, where on three levels with about 7,000 m2 surface area, cultural events take place. Visitors (if they are fit!) can walk up one of the longest industrial staircases in the world to the lookout platform, or take the elevator. The façade of the gasometer is currently being renewed. For this purpose scaffolding was erected around the 24-cornered construction from top to bottom. Outer scaffolding ensures the necessary stability and is cladded with screening canvas. Between the inner and outer scaffolding, Calenberg Cisilent® Type E (flexible, sound-absorbing noise protection walls of high-strength polyester fiber) are used to ensure that, despite the extreme noise caused by the work on the steel construction, the local residents are not disturbed. Some 1,000 m2 of Cisilent® Type E are being applied as the work progresses around the scaffolding. The low weight of ca. 5.5 k/m2 and the appropriate mounting techniques via buckle straps make this possible. In this way noise prevention and economical work method on site are effectively combined.