LISEGA SE – The new LICAD 10.3 goes live!

18. February 2019

30 years ago LICAD (then under the name LICON) was first launched and has since turned out to be an important success factor for LISEGA in the market. Two years ago, after a lengthy development phase, the new fully revised version 10.0 was introduced. Further new features have now been built into version 10.3. Amongst other things, shock absorbers up to 500 mm stroke, the processing of pipe diameters up to 1800 mm and new constant hangers of Type 127235 (up to 140 kN) are incorporated. The key feature is certainly the comprehensive display of the various surface protection categories according to DIN EN ISO 12944. The different protection categories from C3 to C5 high can now be directly selected in LICAD and are stored with corresponding article numbers and prices. The new LICAD 10.3 has been introduced step by step at the LISEGA affiliates. It will be available to our customers from February 2019.